TYPO3 : sql-mode settings

SQL error: ‘Incorrect integer value: ” for column

Feedback (http://forge.typo3.org/issues/20052)

This problem persists in TYPO3 v4.4.4. Here is a short procedure checklist for TYPO3 administrators already logged in to the back end when this error occurs. (This procedure is based on Simon Schick’s suggestion on 17.01.10 11:07.)
1. Go to “User tools>User settings”. Click on the “Admin functions” tab. Click “Create Install Tool Enable File”.
2. Go to “Admin tools>Install”. Enter your password and click “login”. Click “All Configuration”.
3. Search the page for “setDBinit” (or scroll to [SYS][setDBinit]). You may see a line in the textarea saying, “SET NAMES utf8;”. After that line, enter “SET SESSION sql_mode=”;” without the first and last double quotes (“). Go to the bottom of the page, and click “Write to localconf.php”. Continue, and confirm that your line has been entered by looking at the “setDBinit” section again.
4. Click “Logout from Install Tool”. You are done. Return to the back end, and continue your task.

SET SESSION sql_mode="";

Field ‘TSconfig’ doesn’t have a default value

'setDBinit' => 'SET sql-mode="MYSQL40"'

Issue occures also when creating be-users



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