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Extbase validation

Writing a custom validation:

source :


class Tx_ContactForm_Validation_Validator_PhoneNumberValidator extends Tx_Extbase_Validation_Validator_AbstractValidator
public function isValid($value)
$this->errors = array();
if(preg_match('#([^0-9\-\+\(\)\s])#', $value))
$this->addError('The given subject is no valid value.', 40213131);
return false;
return true;

* @validate Tx_ContactForm_Validation_Validator_PhoneNumberValidator
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TYPO3 : sql-mode settings

SQL error: ‘Incorrect integer value: ” for column

Feedback (

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TYPO3, install tool : Could not connect to SQL database

Install tool says : “Could not connect to SQL database” even when you know for sure that the credentials are correct, in my case i solved it by disabling the¬†dbal extension in the localConfiguration.php file.

Look in the array for the Key ‘EXT’

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