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Silverlight unhandeld exception on ‘create new site’

And suddenly it went wrong. While i was configuring our new enviroment i needed to reboot the server so the latest windows patches where applied. After the system rebooted i went on creating a new site in the sharepoint 2010 enviroment, just clicked siteactions “new site” give it a name and url submit…. wham, “an unhandled exception occured in the Silverlight Application” uh what? The Silverlight interface would’nt submit anymore, not in any site collection. It was possible to create a new site from the “Manage content and structure” so permissions are allright.

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Restoring newForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx

You can customize the edit form and new form in Sharepoint 2007 (or WSS 3.0) with SharePoint Designer. If you didn’t start from a copied file and just edited the original forms and it fails then you are pretty screwed up. Luckilly there is a way to fix it :

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Kat in VS opgeroepen voor juryplicht

Als kattenliefhebber moet ik dit bericht natuurlijk bewaren, gewoonweg weer briljant.

AMSTERDAM – In de VS is een kat uit de stad Boston opgeroepen voor juryplicht. Eigenlijk is de oproep bedoeld voor de eigenaar van het huisdier.

© Heijmans

In het verleden was het huisdier een keer op een formulier voor de volkstelling in de VS genoemd.

Door een administratieve fout van de rechtbank is die naam van de kat, Tabby Sal, nu op de brief gekomen.

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Pensioen op 1 pagina, momenteel al plat omdat het te druk is

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Max filesize upload

When uploading, and yes even downloading, you can run into the 50 mb filesize limiter. There are some different ways to fix the issue. I tried to collect them all. This is regarding the MOSS enviroment and WSS 3.0 version.

You should start adjusting the maximum filesize setting from your central administration. “Central Administration” > “Application Management” > “Web Application General Settings” (Located under SharePoint web Application Management). Here you can change the default value to the preffered new one.

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Posting mobile

Getting sleepness, thought what the hell let’s see what kind of android plugins are available. And see a wordpress tool. Cool! And how anoying is typing on the htc desire, or are my thumbs weird and am i pushing the wrong buttons time after time. It is my orientation i guess.
Ok let’s post this utterly useless message to the internet so another 1kb of needles data is spilled.

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