The main idea

For a long time I was struggling with the idea on how to store my favorite sites, discoveries and other personal stuff. Because I do not have one place from where I work from but use different computer system on different locations, its hard to keep on syncing sites you find, ideas you discover or data you want to save. I tried a lot of things like Xmarks, Google Notebook and dropbox but they have all some downsides in usage. So may latest idea, well ok it originates from the beginning of 2010, was to use a blog for storage. With some simple tools (“press it”) its easy to quick store sites or ideas found on the internet, and it is easy to use and accessible on other locations. It could be my solution to this problem.

So why do I tell you this? Well the stuff you find here maybe doesn’t make any sense to you cause its a gathering of my interest and not a complete story on one specific topic. So most posts are unfinished or just a copy paste from another location. Just to bookmark the interest for me. If  you think hey that’s no english, then you could be correct cause some stuff is in dutch.

The final goal for me is the finish the posts to some degree of publish worthy material, but hey that’s just a goal.


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